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10 Good Reasons to hire a Cambridge student

Academic Levels: We have the highest entry levels in the UK for any engineering course by some distance. The average score for three "A" levels is 29.9/30

Versatility: The CUED course is broad-based initially, covering civil, electrical, electronic, structural, mechanical and software engineering.

Integration: Our students are immersed in the concept of the integration and overlapping of engineering disciplines as this reflects the course structure.

Flexibility: We are not prescriptive in deciding what the content of a placement should contain. You are the "industrialist" so you decide; however it must be of a technical nature and not purely administrative, clerical or operative.

Start with the Basics: We encourage our students to get "hands-on" practical experience as the opportunities on the course to do this are limited. Our students are taught basic technical drawing skills, conceptual design and software programming, as well as being introduced to CAD.

Range: We have over 1000 undergraduate students, ranging from those who have come straight from school and others who have completed a "Year Out" in industry or have already gained some period of industrial experience.

Confidence: Our students have been successful at school and usually in many other spheres. They are used to meeting challenges and succeeding, as individuals or in teams.

Team Players: Equally there is abundant opportunity to develop team skills in the sporting and musical activities for which Cambridge is famous. Certain elements of the CUED course fosters this too.

Hard Workers: Our students have a heavy timetable and are used to working hard and under pressure. It is also a very competitive environment, with inter-College rivalry adding extra incentive to obtain results.

No Extra Paperwork other than that which is required to hire any temporary worker. The students write a report and you sign it. A performance assessment is optional.

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