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Accommodation suggestions

Where can I look for short term accommodation?


Finding accommodation is always a consideration when searching for a placement.  By making yourself more geographically available and willing to move elsewhere, you will be increasing your chances for securing a placement. 

You might consider staying close to work during the week and going home over the weekend or relocate for the full duration of your placement.

If you want to stay in Cambridge – firstly, speak to your college to see if they can accommodate you. As the placement is an essential part of your tripos, it is a normal request.  You may have to move into a different room, but you should still be housed. If you have any college related queries, please raise it with your DoS.

The University has its own accommodation service who can offer advice. 

If you are likely to be staying in another university town, message the local University Accommodation Services to see when they rent out their accommodation over the summer.

Ask the company for their advice on where you can look. If they are used to having visitors, they may have a list of short term local providers or in some instances, may have accommodation they can offer to you.

Alternatively, there are a number of places you can look to find suitable accommodation on a short term basis in the UK:

Unite Students 

Student Pad


Accommodation for Students

Student Accommodation UK

Spare Room

House Share


Right Move

The Student Room