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Student Health and Safety

The University takes Health and Safety seriously, therefore we take certain measures to ensure that we exercise our duty of care when students are on work experience. This applies particularly to those who are obliged to undertake a period of work experience to meet the course requirements.

CUED try and reduce the possibility of students Health and Safety being put at risk. To do this:

  • On arrival at CUED, all students are be given a briefing by the Health and Safety Officer regarding the potential hazards and dangers. Emphasis is given during the talk that these hazards and dangers exist outside the Department whilst on work experience. 
  • All students who are obliged to undertake industrial experience to meet the course requirements are issued with a logbook, which contains information on Health and Safety, a checklist and a letter for any prospective employer outlining our responsibilities, prior to their start date.  (Available here).
  • The Department employs a full time Health and Safety Officer, Ian Slack, who can advise on any matters relating to Health and Safety. If you wish to contact him he is in Room BNO-41/BNO-42 or you can him should you need any specific help or advice.
  • The University also provides Public Liability cover. Full details are available in the University Reporter. However the relevant excerpts are quoted below:
  • 3.0 Public Liability
  • 3.1 This insurance has three functions, namely:
  • (a) to indemnify the University against legal liability for damages and costs in respect of accidental injury to any person other than an employee (see paragraph 2.2 above) or damage or loss to third party property;
  • (b) to cover the defence of individuals acting on behalf of the University should they be subject to an action brought by a third party alleging such liability;
  • (c) Not relevant to Industrial Experience.

The University's Public Liability policy will extend to provide cover where the University's business is being carried out away from its usual premises.