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Industrial Placements

An Industrial Placement is a compulsory part of the Masters in Engineering (MEng) programme.

Every year over 500 students from all years undertake a summer internship in a wide variety of companies. Many employers use internships as a way to encourage you to consider them as an option after graduating. For you, as a student, it's also an opportunity to gain an insight into a particular role or industry, provide depth to your academic learning and improve your transferable skills.


What will you get out of it?

  • An opportunity for you to strike out and participate in a technical role.
  • Gain understanding of academic principles with real examples of engineering.
  • A chance to try out different types of organisations.
  • Take a stepping stone towards your goals.
  • Develop analytical, problem solving, practical and presentation skills.
  • Generate valuable contacts within the industry.
  • Add valuable experience to your CV.
  • Explore career aspirations.


The Cambridge University engineering programme does not have a "Year Out" option as an integrated part of the course. If desired, however, it is possible for students to intermit between their 2nd and 3rd year or 3rd and 4th year in order to undertake a year long internship. Further details of the process and timings can be found on the Teaching Office page.

The Department of Engineering have an Industrial Placements team dedicated to assisting and supporting current undergraduate students in each step of searching and applying for summer internships, and to ensure each student meets the industrial experience requirements. If you need any information or advice, or you wish to discuss any aspect of industrial experience, please contact us by email or come in and see us. 

The Industrial Placements team are:

Vicky Houghton, Industrial Placements Coordinator

Milly Gilbert, Industrial Placements Administrator


We are located in Baker Building in room BC2-01 and can be found through the double doors in the canteen and down the steps.

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Internship at AECOM

22 April 2021

Host Organisation: AECOM Year Completed: 1st year of the MEng engineering course. Have you carried out any previous summer work? Being interested in the applications of software and computer engineering for solving engineering problems, I had done a software engineering internship in the December of my first year. Host...