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Industrial Placements


Definition of relevant industrial experience

Relevant industrial experience is defined as work of a technical nature that is related to the subjects studied in the Engineering Tripos and the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos.  It may involve design, development, testing, manufacturing, construction or research work, and should include interaction with the work of others who are likely to be professionally qualified.

Although students do not have to undertake any industrial experience before starting the course, it may be possible to count time spent working between school and university towards this requirement.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation of these requirements will be determined by appeal to the Head of the Department of Engineering, whose decision will be final.


  • Work as part of a research team in bioengineering
  • Spend a year with a Formula 1 aerodynamics team
  • Join an engineering consultancy to design new products
  • Review manufacturing processes and make recommendations
  • Work with the university on an energy reducing building design project
  • Work on one of the biggest construction programmes in the UK
  • Undertake a software development project related to data analysis using Matlab
  • Mechanical engineering role in a medical devices team
  • Develop software systems for the simulation-led design of gearboxes and electrical/mechanical drivetrains
  • Satellite system model development
  • Mechanical design for camera rigs
  • Work in the testing facility of internal combustion engines and e-drive power trains
  • Work on an AI project