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Internship requirements

Internship requirements

You are encouraged to arrange a mutually beneficial programme of work, which would allow you to utilise their talents, whilst the student can gain valuable experience in an area of interest.

We do ask that the work involved must be of a technical nature related to the subjects currently on the course:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Information and software engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Design and manufacturing
  • Research and development

Examples of previous internships:

  • Working along side a design team (electronic, firmware, mechanical engineers, product designers) to research and design a new product
  • Spending time on problem solving for clients, using CAD and running CFD simulations
  • Reviewing manufacturing processes and make recommendations for improvements
  • Checking structural calculations and attending site visits
  • Working on a hydraulic hybrid train demonstration project which involved mechanical, electronic, embedded software and control engineering.
  • Software development project 

What type of company can offer internships?

Any size of company is welcome to offer internships to our students. We value the benefits that a small / medium sized company can offer to students, as much as a larger organisation. A smaller sized company can offer an opportunity for our students to be able to see a business in its entirety.